Sirvent Barcelona, reinventing the ice cream shop

Sirvent Barcelona, reinventing the ice cream shop

The new referal for sweets in Barcelona, 67th Ronda Sant Pau.

Sirvent Barcelona opens its doors in the heart of the city enabling the discovery a new concept of ice cream. A unique space where you can enjoy and share the creations of the Sirvent brothers and enjoy the sweetest dining experiences available.

A large room completely renovated by the Lázaro Rosa-Violan team, where artisanal ice cream, horchata and several other cultinary delicasies can be savoured.

A majestic bar and scrumptious bakery with an open modern view really captures the essence of Sirvent. A pause, a craving, a meeting, a chance meeting, a date… all excuses are as good as any to be in Sirvent.

“I want people to come and meet us, and feel at home, like their meeting place. All team members in Sirvent Barcelona are excited about this project and we are keen to offer new experiences to our customers through our products. We love to innovate new flavors and textures.” Tomás Sirvent asserts, main manager.


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